Mini 4WD REV series logo.

The Mini 4WD REV (Japanese: ミニ四駆REV, Mini Yonku Rebu) is a Mini 4WD series line-up introduced by Tamiya in July 2012. It was created as part of the 30th anniversary of Tamiya Mini 4WD series.

Like Aero Mini 4WD series, this line-up has heavily focus on aero-dynamic designs, but instead of just on the bodyshells, aero-dynamic features can be found on the new AR Chassis and FM-A Chassis as well. In order to maximized the heat-dissipation of the new chassis, the bodyshells has several air-ducts for that purpose.

The first 3 cars in the lineup, plus Flame Astute (inheriting name from the Astute Jr.) are based on the cars from the Racing Mini 4WD and Mini 4WD PRO series; Shadow Shark, Rowdy Bull and NIght Hunter are the only ones with completely new designs so far.

List of Mini 4WD cars

Mini 4WD series
1980 Original Mini 4WD · RacingMini4WDlogo · WildMini4WDLogo
1990 TruckinMini4WDLogo · MiniFLogo · SuperMini4WDlogo · FullyCowledMini4WDLogo · MechanicalMini4WDLogo · AeroMini4WDLogo · MightyMini4WDlogo
2000 RCMini4WDLogo · Mini4WDPROLogo
2010 Mini4WDRevLogo
Mini 4WD REV series
AR Aero Avante · Aero Thunder Shot · Aero Manta Ray · Shadow Shark · Flame Astute
FM-A Rowdy Bull · Night Hunter
Starter Pack Mini 4WD Starter Pack AR Speed Spec

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