Hyper Mini Motor
No. 15001
Release Date 1987
Parts type Motor
Motor Specfication
Rev Non-load: 14,600rpm/15,000rpm (Re-release)
Load: 12,800rpm/13,000rpm (Re-release)
Torque 14g-cm/13 to 18g-cm (Re-release)
Electric consumption 1,100mA/1,400 to 1,800mA
Weight 17g
Manufacturer(s) Mabuchi Motors
The Hyper Mini Motor (Japanese: ハイパーミニモーター, Haipā Mini Mōtā) is a Mini 4WD motor manufactures by Mabuchi Motor and released by Tamiya in 1987. It is the very first Grade-Up Parts to be released and is the first tuned-up motor to be released.

General Info

On the outside, the Hyper Mini Motor has the black endbell cap and silver metal housing, complete with the Tamiya motor sticker.

The motor's rev performance is between that of Atomic-Tuned Motor and Rev-Tuned Motor. (While the torque characteristics is similar to that of Torque-Tuned Motor) However, the re-release version of the motor (released in 2012) was very power-hungry that some even have compares it to the Hyper-Dash Motor.

It is manufactured by Mabuchi Motor who manufactures most of Tamiya's motors.

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